My story

Many people still think it is very expensive to build and maintain a website. Well if you are open to do it yourself, it will likely cost less than €2.50 a month!! Many more think programming skills (HTML/JSP/PHP etc) are mandatory – Nope, not true either! Of course it will help if you have programming skills of some language, but is definitely not mandatory.

I built most of my websites myself – starting from scratch, with very little use of my own programming skills. By matter of chance, I also had the privilege of hosting websites on a good, more expensive webhosting company with lot of services and also a good, cheaper one but with limited services. BTW, this website is hosted on the more expensive (i.e about eur 4 p.m), Webhostinghub and I have had a good experience since I started with them in 2013. The other hosting company where I have experience is with which is the cheaper one, yet good enough for the money paid. However, the learning curve is a bit more in this one.

Here I’m describing the art of building a simple website as I understand it. Like any other topic, the subject gets deeper and deeper as you get involved, but for a start, this description is good enough.

[adsense] While creating your own new website is just a simple 3 steps process, manageable over a weekend, the real challenge is in getting it to the shape of how you want it. I went thru a lot of trial and error, back and forth steps before I could get to how my sites look now. Thought it might help some readers here if I jot down my experiences and learning summaries of how I built the website. Hopefully these experiences will help shorten your learning time…..or at least avoid someone taking you for a ride when you outsource you website building.

To list a few, the topics elaborated are:

  • where to start – the 3 step process
  • which webhosting to choose – expensive with several services OR cheaper with limited services
  • which domain name to choose – .com OR .nl
  • how to get the layout design
  • page Vs post
  • etc