Page Vs Post

Page Vs Post in wordpress is a confusing concept for a beginner. At the outset, both look similar and look to achieve the same objective. In a way this is true. However the purpose are completely different….

If you want to just narrate stories after stories in an unordered flow, then you should create Posts. You can create some grouping by assigning each post to a category, but you really cannot order/sequence them the way they show up to a user. Also, unless you use some workarounds, all your posts will show up in the “Home” tab or your “Blog” tab on the menu bar. So only when your content is independent of this presentation, then you create posts. Ex: you are writing our recipes that fall in the categories of Vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and really do not care which recipe shows first and which one second. (There is still a workaround to control the sequence by adjusting the dates, but beyond a few posts this could get really cumbersome to manage). The moment you ‘Publish’ a post, it will become visible on the internet under the category you have assigned it.

When you want to present a tutorial way of content that should flow in a logical order, then it is better to use Pages. Pages do not get automatically displayed when ‘Published’. You need to assign them in the menu for them to be visible. is a good example of how pages and posts are presented. Everything in the “Blog” tab is a post. All the other contents are Pages.