Designing your website

Step 1: Take a pen and paper and give some thought and finalize the the following:

  1. The overall layout – do you need pictures, number of sidebars etc
  2. The menu bar – this gives you an idea how you want to sequence/present your content. It will also make you think who is the primary audience of your website and what is your key message to them
  3. what you want on the sidebar

Step 2: Search in google for a wordpress theme layout that suits your design – most often you will find something that is free. At this point, experience starts mattering. Choosing a theme will likely be an easy task, but tweaking it to the look and feel you want may not be! Most themes by default show Posts while you will probably might be interested in presenting Pages. You need to understand the difference between Post and Page to go ahead from here. Watch a few youtube videos on WordPress to get a better idea. If it still gets too daunting on you, outsource it – contact me at 0031 626 755 702 or!!

Step 3: Use the widget area to design your sidebar. There are a plenty of ready widgets available that can do visitors count, display time and almost everything you can imagine!