First 3 steps

Once you have an idea what website you want to build, the first 3 steps are:

  1. choose the webhosting company
  2. check for availability of your desired domain name and purchase it
  3. install your software – your own HTML code or ready package like WordPress!
  4. ….an extension of step 3 -> all you need to do further is, improve the content to your satisfaction!

Being based in Europe, you will face a few dilemmas especially in steps 1 and 2:

Step 1: Choosing the webhosting company: You can choose any webhosting company across the world. However my experience is that US based ones are advanced and have 24/7 quality service on top of their priority. Service is one thing you will need often.

Advanced webhosting helps when you:

      • do not know and do not want to try anything technical about websites, ftp etc. So you want automated installs at one click of a button.
      • are looking for a .com, .net etc and not .nl (if you choose .nl, you will have to redirect)
      • need large amount of storage space, intend to purchase more domain names etc
      • plan to expand your website into anything other than a few pages of information (in other words, a blog) – an online shop, forum, wiki pages etc
      • you don’t mind paying a few $ more for the plethora of advanced/additional options you get

An European, cheaper webhosting company like should be selected when:

      • you don’t mind doing some small technical stuff for the initial set-up (but not programming)
      • all you need is a simple blog – example: a temple website, a community website (
      • when your space needs are limited

By the way this website is hosted with a US based company The Hub and I’m happy I went with them. Click here to sign up with them.

Step 2: Choosing the domain name: The webhosting provider from Step 1 will generally also provide you the service to search and buy available domain names. A domain name of your choice is often very difficult to get because either they are already taken or they are parked for sale. You will have to try different combinations. The dilemma that comes up here is: “should I go for .com or .nl?”

When you expect the coverage is only for Netherlands, then a .nl is good. When you intend your website’s final use is wider than Netherlands, .com, .org, .net etc are better. Buying a domain name will cost within €15 per year!

Step 3: Creating your website: Once the above 2 steps are done, the easiest way to get some content up there is to “install” wordpress.

When you buy webhosting from The Hub, installing is very easy. Just click the WordPress button on your panel and then click install!

When you buy webhosting from, you need to download the WordPress package from the internet and then upload it in If you are not much technical, even this simple step could drive you crazy.! So hire someone who can do the first installation for you.

Once WordPress is installed, login as admin and put your content in pages and/or posts. This is pretty straight forward.