Many people get confused when I say websites can be built in wordpress. This is because they have seen http://<some name>.wordpress.com as the website address and are not able to imagine that the same thing can be used to build sites without the “.wordpress.com”. Here is the clarification:

http://<some name>.wordpress.com: This is straight forward. Go to wordpress.com, create a login id and you can write your blog or content under the name http://<some name>.wordpress.com.

http://www.<some name>.com: WordPress also comes as an installation package that can be used to develop your own website instead of building it in HTML/CSS/PHP etc. This package is a framework that will allow you to write you own [adsense] content like text, images, upload, email etc etc. If you know HTML, you can also edit your content in HTML if you wish. How to use this – once you buy your domain name and webhosting service, you need to install wordpress package on the webhosting server. The hub allows you to do this by just clicking 1 button on their site while www.one.com requires you to download the package from wordpress and then ftp the package to their server under your user id.

Once wordpress package is set up, you can start writing your content in Post or Page. But of course there is more home work needed than just that before you can build a website you are satisfied with. These are covered in the next topics.