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Luxembourg! – March 12/13 (weekend)

By mid March weather is getting better and is time to start visiting Europe again! A trip to Luxembourg the 3rd smallest country of Europe maximum 82km x 57km! Luxembourg city is the capital of this tiny country of Luxembourg. It is located on a cliff, overlooking the deep and narrow valleys of the Alzette […]

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Swiss + Black Forest – March 25

Thanks to Bollywood and all our Indian woods, we love Swiss scenes and want to go there at least once! Swiss landscape is lovely filled with greenery at the base while the mountains are still covered with snow! Add Rhine Falls and Black Forest to the itinerary – and it is a perfect bargain! Do join in […]

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Barcelona + Costa Brava – April 23 (long weekend)

A trip to Barcelona during the Kings day long weekend. Probably one of the better times to visit now avoiding the hot summer days of Barcelona. Add Monserrat, Costa Brava and Girona to the itinerary – and a tour to this region is complete! Do join in and let us have a fun filled excursion in […]

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